Four Bombs Destroy the Health of Breasts

The health of the breasts has attracted many people’s attention, as the breast diseases have attacked more and more women. At present, the breast diseases can be caused by various elements, such as environmental pollution, smoking and drinking. Generally speaking, four reasons can affect the breast health. They are like four bombs to destroy the health of the female breasts.

The first bomb is the bad mood. The bad mood is the important element to affect the human health. It can cause various diseases, such as breast cancer and the mental depression. It can even affect the normal secretion inside the human body. The formation of breast cancer keeps a close relationship with the internal secretion. Therefore, the unstable mood can not only change the internal secretion, but also induce the cancer. In order to prevent the possible harms, it is necessary for women to keep optimistic in daily life. Women should learn to relieve high pressure of work and life.

The second bomb is the blind use of essential oil. Nowadays, more and more women make use of essential oil to beautify their skin. However, the excessive use can increase the level of estrogen inside the human body. The increasing content of estrogen can seriously increase the risks of getting breast cancer for women. It is important for women to use essential oil in a right way so as to reduce the risks of getting cancer.

The third bomb is the infertility. Many women do not want to have children because of various reasons. For example, some women want to get great success in work and some women want to keep a slim figure during the whole life. In fact, being pregnant and feeding with breast can effectively maintain the health of breasts for women. They are also good ways for women to relieve pressure. Some women should form right attitude toward pregnancy and lactation.

The fourth bomb is the unhealthy diet. The diet containing the high content of high fat and high protein can seriously threaten the health of female breasts. At the same time, the excessive intake of the foods containing caffeine can also affect the breasts. Therefore, women should frequently eat vegetables and fruits in daily life. The foods containing high protein and high fat should be decreased.

In order to maintain the health of breasts, women should pay great attention to the four bombs in daily life so as to decrease the harms to the full extent.

Resveratrol – Health Benefits

There are studies which show Resveratrol is a good heart vigor. Since it is found in red wine, it is said that people who drink red wine occasionally will have lower cholesterol level. It can also help to develop and enhance the conditions of your brain and kidney. It is believed to protect the kidneys and brain from any oxidative pressure or hypertension.

Another health advantage of this tiny substance is that it has the ability to reduce the prostate cancer progress by sustaining the regular urine flow. This will protect the prostate from cancerous effect. Some studies have shown that it can strengthen a woman’s breast health. It can prevent the growth of esophageal, intestinal and breast cancer. The testing results showed that it is able to avert the breast cancer progression.

Resveratrol can also enhance cell fortification. When it is augmented to cells it can hold back the production of human cancer cells including in the breast, prostate, colon, stomach and thyroid. It is considered a good antioxidant complement. It is referred to as a very important protective substance from all kinds of diseases.

Besides that it can act as an anti-aging agent. It is said to be the new hopes to many individuals to remain youthful. Taking an allowed dosage will help to slower down the aging process. Resveratrol is also proven to be able to lessen the risk of liver illnesses. It has the capacity to reduce the quantity of fat in your liver and intensify the emulsion of fats in the organ as well. It is usually the case of a heavy drinker for huge amount of fats to be accumulated in the liver which may lead to some liver diseases.

Another listed health advantage is that it can reduce the risk of having colon cancer. Consuming it in the form of powder in small doses can help slower down the risk of colorectal cancer for about 67 percent.

Breast Massage – A Natural Way of Breast Enlargement!

For years, breast massage has been helping women improve their breast size in a natural way. Breast massage stimulates healthy tissue growth and promotes breast tone and firmness.

Massaging the breast helps create a good breast contour by enhancing shape, tone, and growth of tissue in the areas surrounding the breast. 

Aside from making your breast ‘perkier’ by improving ligament support, and more attractive by improving its shape, size, and tone; regular boob massage is another way of checking your breast for abnormal tissue growth. Women who regularly massage their breast are more likely to notice changes in underlying breast tissues that may be indicative of breast cancer.  

Unlike in Western cultures, boob massages had been used by Asians as a tool for well-being. Beauty and massage parlors had offered breast massage services for post-operative women who had undergone breast surgery or to those who had experienced trauma to the breast.  

Massages increase blood flow in the stimulated areas thus promoting healthy tissue regeneration and healing. Wearing a bra starting at teenage years is a must for most women, if not all. This practice can hinder adequate blood flow and effective lymphatic drainage on the surrounding breast tissues. Breast massage promotes blood and oxygen circulation.It also helps the lymphatic system drain the toxins and avoid their build up that may later on cause serious conditions.  

Asian women who had been using breast massage to enhance boob size and promote the health of your knocks, had claimed that their boobs did not only become more attractive. They also had become more aware for themselves and their femininity. Just like any other massage, knocker massage soothes away tension and aches resulting to better relaxation and peace of mind.   

Many who had practiced breast massage use special herbal serums, creams, or oils to augment the effects of the massage. These creams or serums further stimulate breast expanding, firming, and toning, thus giving the breast a fuller and more rounded appearance, eliminating sagging and droopiness.

Countries such as Thailand, had recognized the aesthetic and therapeutic benefits of breast massage and had supported this therapy as a means of breast health regiment.

You can find several guidelines in breast therapy in books and online. However, they all boil down to these steps:

1. Apply a breast enhancing lubricant or cream. This eliminates friction and increase relaxation and pleasure during the massage. Herbal mixtures and botanics do help in promoting the firmness and breast tone.

2. Apply light to moderate pressure and prolong skin contact when doing the massage. Do a gentle back and forth motion in each of the breasts. Do this in a counterclockwise circle around the breast to help advance lymphatic drainage and increase blood supply in the area. To help promote maximum lymphatic drainage, this technique can be done in a counterclockwise circle around the breast.  

3. Ideally, breast massages should be included in your everyday routine for it to be effective. It is best advised to be done after you take a bath when your skin is moist and can be lubricated easily. If you may wish, breast massage can be performed several times a day for at 2-5 minutes to stimulate hormone secretion from the breast and prevent toxin build up.

Above was an explanation how you can utilise the ancient art of massaging to naturally enhance your breasts. However, if you want a quicker, easier and more effective way to grow your boobs, then read on.